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Video interviewing allows you to connect with candidates at any time and from any location. From initial screening to the final committee, InterviewStream provides the tools to improve your hiring process and candidate experience.

Build a better team from the start.

Find out more about candidates’ actual skills and hire the right talent from the start. With expanded media types now available, you can create a wide range of interview experiences which engage and challenge candidates while giving you a more accurate assessment of their skills.

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Captivate the best talent.

It’s difficult to share your culture with interview questions alone. And a logo only says so much. We take branding to the next level, so you can tell the best candidates why they want to join your team.

Measure what counts.

Five star ratings are great… if you’re looking for a nice meal. Different positions require different rubrics. We allow recruiters to build custom assessments for each interview, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to assess candidates based on metrics that are relevant to that position. Take the guesswork out of generic rating systems.

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InterviewStream Hire Features & Benefits

  • Build the Perfect Interview

    Want to see how your candidate would review legal language or a set of code? Diagnose an X-ray? Or a critique a blueprint? From quick audio or text only interviews to multimedia assessments using video, documents and images, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a library of over 1,500 popular questions or record or upload your own, then tell us how you’d like the candidate to respond. In less time than it takes to schedule a single screening interview, you’re ready to invite hundreds of candidates.

  • Follow up with Live

    Ready for the face-to- face interview? Using the latest live technologies, we deliver robust, reliable live video interviewing. Invite up to 50 people to panel interviews. Share screens. Record live interviews. Participate from mobile devices. With convenient, iCal compatible scheduling calendar, we make hosting the perfect live interview a snap.

  • Superhero Support

    Your Client Success representative will structure an onboarding and training program tailored to your team and processes, while offering helpful tips and best practices to help improve your hiring results and help you land the star candidates. With around the clock support, we stand behind you and your candidates, so you can spend your time building your dream team. Let us worry about the rest. Capes optional.

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