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Role play trainings allow your team to develop skills in a low-risk environment. Video role plays with InterviewStream Train let your team grow faster, from anywhere, at anytime.

Build a smarter workforce.

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Even your best employees need ongoing training to maximize their contribution. New knowledge, best practices, and methods are being developed every day. We allow corporate trainers to efficiently transfer knowledge and skills while assessing how well individual employees put them into practice.

Interview Streams employee training platform.

Efficient, on-demand training.

Finding time to train employees is difficult. Compound that challenge with a distributed workforce, scheduling hassles, and a lack of assessment, and training has never been more challenging and less productive. We allow corporate leaders and trainers to impart the knowledge and skills necessary to build and maintain the best team while keeping workers engaged. Without scheduling a single training session.

Engage employees with interactive content.

Goldfish attention spans last nine seconds. Your employees’ last less. Passive learning methods only effectively transfer 15% of the information shared. Active participation in a one-on- one scenario increases retention to above 75%. With InterviewStream Train, you can create convenient, interactive training scenarios in bite-sized increments that produce actual results.

InterviewStream Hire Features & Benefits

  • Onboard New Employees

    Human Resource teams must communicate a great deal of information to new employees. When the information isn’t retained, it has to be recommunicated, often in refresher trainings or on a one-on-one basis. On-demand video training can improve knowledge transfer effectiveness and allow employees to absorb material at their own pace, as often as they need.

  • Sales Team Training

    Train sales staff to respond to objections seamlessly. Share your best sales methods and wealth of experience with the rest of your staff, record their responses in varied sales situations, and review and comment on their answers to sharpen their skills. All without scheduling a single sales training meeting.

  • Technical Instruction

    Have a new product installation method or need to train teams in the field on new how to most efficiently perform repairs? Record how-to videos and distribute them to the team, then gather information and feedback from the team to help them get up to spec faster.

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