RolePlayPRO – October 2014 News Round Up


RolePlayPRO – October 2014 News Round Up


Invest in Training, Improve Growth

shutterstock_87259876With the year nearing the end, we are all getting slower. That beginning of the year moment to improve ourselves has faded. It is important to remember, especially if your company is struggling, how important it is to fight that lull and capitalize on continuous employee development.


Rayanna Anderson reminds us in her article of three simple reasons managers should invest in growing their employees. Training affects your bottom line, your staff’s productivity and your company’s success.



Employee Empowerment

shutterstock_134550449The overall effectiveness of staff training ultimately depends on the attitude and mind set of the employee. If they don’t feel inspired to learn or improve, they won’t benefit from a development program. That is why the first key in learning organization is employee empowerment.


Once that is established, managers can then implement their methods and processes. If done sincerely and correctly you will see your employees develop both professionally and personally.  Motivation really is key. When employees see that their employer believes and invests in them, they feel respected and appreciated. The feeling that they are valued invokes a stronger drive and motivation.



How to Get Employees to Care About Their Professional Development

shutterstock_51878878This article is a great follow up from the ideas above. You understand the logic that employees must care and feel valued in order to develop professionally. Here, Jason Lange takes us a step further to answer the question, ‘how do I get my employees to care?’


Professional development and training programs often fail because they are repetitive and impersonal. Don’t be the type of leader who just wants to check this year’s training off your to-do list, find out how to fix these problems so your business can “start singing a new tune”.

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